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Simple Rules

Simple Rules

All Chasers please Follow these rules :

1. Teamspeak Gateway/Link is strictly prohibited in all DXPortable Programs.
2. Using someone's Callsign, OR pretend to be someone else to boost their point is ilegal and not allowed.
3. All Teamspeak Servers owner, Please do not use our Trademark, Company's name, Program's name as your Room's name.

When you register a Club Station or Special DXPedition Amateur License (IAR) Please fill in the About Section with :

1. Put full information of responsible person.
2. Complete your profile with Display Profile.
3. Make sure your license is valid and use a valid email.

When you register a summit/park/beach/program, you agree to follow these few simple rules :

1. Local residence (sponsor)is a priority if they want to sponsor a summit/park/beach/program in their area.
2. Sponsors can trade their summit/park/beach/program, ask an admin to moderate, there will be 100 gems charge for this trading administration, Only sponsors point will be transfered, not the Roll of Honor points.
3. Your summit/park/beach/program ownership is valid for one year, you need to extend your ownership before times run out or someone might take over your summit/park/beach/program when it's expired.
4. If you copy anything from the internet please put a source or credit for pictures and copywritting you copy/upload on this website or leave it empty (DXPortable Amatir Radio is not responsible for any copyright violation by it's members).
5. Only Pictures & Videos related to the beach you register are allowed to be posted.
6. When you work portable outside your City, please announce your activation to Local Amateur Radio Chairman and Management. A simple letter explaining your activation date, time, location, will do. This is not a request or permit just to be polite and let the Local Ham Radio knows you are in their home.

Note :
You might get suspended wihtout prior notice if you break any of these Rules.

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